Public access & boat launch on Walloon Lake

on Sumner Road-Go southeast of Horton Bay on the Charlevoix-Boyne City Rd. for approximately one mile; turn left (due east) on Sumner Rd. and follow it to the end.  (There is no Hemingway Tour marker at this site.)

This site offers a panoramic view of Walloon Lake. In Hemingway's "Wedding Day," it is the spot from which Nick Adams and his new bride Helen begin their honeymoon by rowing across the lake to the cottage where they will be staying-just as Hemingway and Hadley Richardson did after their wedding.

Looking out at the lake, the property on the right hand side of the road was once the Hemingway’s Longfield Farm. In 1905 Grace Hemingway used part of the inheritance she received from her father and purchased a 40-acre farm here. Over the years, with the help of the Washburn and Sumner families, they improved the property by planting fruit trees, vegetables and hay. Ernest regularly worked here in the summers and frequently camped here in a tent. It is also the site of Grace Cottage, a get away structure Grace had built for herself in 1919.

The property that was Longfield Farm is now private and not available for visitors.

Public Boat Launch on Walloon Lake